What is vAlarm for vSphere?

vAlarm for vSphere is a Windows® based application which monitors alarms generated by VMware® vCenter, and provides visual alerts via a smart notification bubble on the desktop where installed as it happens.

It removes the need to actively watch management consoles, and reduces the risk of missing that system generated message amongst the dozens of other emails received every day.

Diligently running in the background, vAlarm provides assurance that all is well, or the early warning to catch an issue as it happens.

Elegant and simple to use, it’s the proven worldwide ‘at-a-glance’ vCenter alerting tool
with over 5,000 users globally.

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What are people saying?

  • " This is an excellent tool, especially on days when I'm getting email overload.  The proactive notification stands out, and means I catch important events as they happen. "D. Richards, United Kingdom


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    Automated Monitoring

    Once a connection is made with vCenter, on-going updates are automatically performed by vAlarm and delivered to your PC.

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    Configurable Schedule

    You choose when and how you’re alerted with simple slider based configuration options.

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    Dynamic Notification

    Delivering early warnings to your fingertips without needing to guard a management console.

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    Precise Descriptions

    Quick fire information at the right levelof detail to rapidly let you know what’s wrong and where.