What is vPi?

Advantage vPi is a complete VMware vSphere management toolbox solution in-a-box designed to run on a Raspberry Pi device. It acts as a highly lightweight and portable remote agent or client and contains over a dozen utilities and hundreds of reports, queries and functions, and is completely customisable and extensible.
Designed to get a myriad of tasks done quickly and efficiently, it has been developed by Xtravirt, and is being freely offered to the community for support and enhancement. For rapid ease of use it is provided as a downloadable image which can be immediately installed onto your own choice of Raspberry Pi device.

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What are people saying?

  • “We’ve been waiting for something like this, and it lives up to its billing. A powerful tool in a pocket-sized solution.”B. Paine, United Kingdom


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    Powerful built-in applications

    Over a dozen utilities and including ESXCLI 5.1, vSphere Perl SDK, vSphere Console, vGhetto, vmkfstools and many more. Out-of-the-box pre-configured utilities for instant use including command-line tools for storage configuration

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    Community driven

    Provided by Xtravirt as an open source solution on a ‘not-for-sale’ basis, further driving innovation and our support of the industry and community

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    Highly extensible

    Leverage built-in utilities, or build your own scripts and apps for automating tasks

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    SSH secure

    Use directly from a RasPi device or proxy from any other device as a bastion style host, and secure by your own trusted networks and user security