Get the Arctic Wolf Labs 2024 Threat Report

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Xtravirt has partnered with Arctic Wolf to share the Arctic Wolf Labs 2024 Threats Report, packed full of expert insights from those working at the frontline of ransomware and cybercrime defence, as well as practical guidance that you can apply to protect your organisation.

In this report you will discover:

  • Today’s most prolific attack types
  • The root cause of cyber incidents
  • The industry sectors where ransomware is rising exponentially
  • Actionable advice to help you manage and mitigate threats
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Advancing cyber protection in partnership

Xtravirt, the experts in cloud consulting and managed services, works in partnership with Arctic Wolf, the leaders in security operations, to proactively protect organisations against today’s advanced cyberattacks. 

Over 5,000 businesses around the world are Arctic Wolf customers. The Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud ingests and analyses more than 5.1 trillion security events a week to help enable cyber defence at an unprecedented capacity and scale, empowering customers of virtually any size across a wide range of industries to feel confident in their security posture, readiness, and long-term resilience.