Enabling an NHS Trust to deliver secure, up to date clinical information out in the field and onsite

VMware Workspace ONE® deployment improves handling of urgent medical situations out in the field by giving 4,500 staff secure access to the NHS internal network, via mobile devices
Enabling an nhs trust to deliver secure up to date clinical information out in the field and onsite

The customer

This major NHS trust is responsible for efficiently responding to urgent medical situations and is one of the busiest emergency services in the UK. Serving more than 8 million people within their covered region, this trust provides advice and help to those who need it as quickly as possible.

The situation

  • Lack of a unified system to manage all mobile devices both out in the field and on NHS sites, created inefficiencies
  • Access to the NHS internal network required to be more secure and robust
  • Gaining access to vital clinical applications via mobile devices out in the field, wasn’t always quick and easy

Our approach

  • Design and implementation of VMware Workspace ONE® unified management with integrated access to Office 365® for remote devices
  • On-demand VPN secure connection implemented between mobile devices and internal NHS network
  • Internal staff training ensured efficient future system management
  • Organisational groups applied to system to support specific user requirements and ensure improved access security
  • Design of VMware AirWatch® solution including networks, security and management

Outcomes achieved

  • Security of information sharing improved due to new secure NHS internal network link
  • Expertise in back end support team through successful up-skilling of staff to latest technology
  • Deployed as a VMware cloud solution, delivering robust infrastructure and simplified management
  • Secure single sign and unified application catalogue, resulting in simpler and more secure staff access