Modernising IT to protect history

Citrix desktop solution upgrades support infrastructure for the future
modernising it to protect history

The customer

Delivered in partnership with Bytes Software Services. This independent charity is responsible for protecting and preserving and sharing the stories of a number of significant historical sites in the UK.

The situation

  • With the latest release of Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop (formerly XenApp/XenDesktop) the customer wanted to upgrade their desktop infrastructure to avoid any future support issues and ensure business continuity and stability
  • This included upgrading the customer’s Citrix ADC VPX (Netscaler VPX) to ensure full vendor support and leverage new features
  • Remote user connectivity needed to continue to be a seamless process, so PKI Certificates needed to be tested and refreshed
  • All work had to be undertaken so as not to disrupt the day to day running of the organisation and updates needed to be implemented with a seamless changeover

Our approach

  • A health check of the system was undertaken to identify current state and configurations and areas requiring remediation
  • Upgrade of Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop to latest Long Term Service Release (LTSR)
  • Review and refresh of internal and external PKI certificates
  • Upgrade of Citrix ADC VPX to latest supported version
  • Design and build of a 2nd ADC (Netscaler) device in parallel to enable testing and avoid system downtime when migrating user, along with ensuring high availability and high resilience in the solution.
  • Knowledge and skills transfer and training of on-site IT teams to ensure seamless handover and enable ongoing management by staff

Outcomes achieved

  • Reduced maintenance: upgrading to newer versions has reduced the time and resources required for maintenance and updates
  • Increased supportability: upgrading to LTSR and newer versions ensured the system is supportable, the solution more robust and greater functionality for future requirements and development
  • Reduced risk of failure: fully supported Citrix® products and support ensures business continuity, stability and reduced risk
  • Seamless user experience: refreshing of PKI certificates for a further 24 months ensured remote user connectivity. The provision of operational documentation on the execution of this task enables the customer to perform this in future