Telco provider deploys network virtualisation across Europe

Xtravirt integrates VMware NSX into three data centres to improve network services for customers

The customer

This UK-based telecommunications provider has become a leading global brand, with operations giving it significant presence in around 30 countries throughout EMEA and APAC, and in over 50 more through partner networks. As well as serving consumers, the group offers innovative services for business.

The situation

  • Enable self-service provisioning of networking and security services by customers for their applications, across multiple data centres
  • Provide secure multitenant isolation on a shared platform, decoupled from the physical network, and with granular trust zones

Our approach

  • VMware NSX for vSphere deployed into 3 data centres across Europe to provide a network virtualisation platform for overlay networking, security functions and L4-L7 services
  • NSX for vSphere APIs consumed by VMware’s vRealize automation and orchestration suite
  • Full integration with VMware vRealize for reporting and troubleshooting purposes
  • Trust Zones implemented on a per-VM basis via NSX for vSphere’s Distributed Firewall

Outcomes achieved

  • Reduced complexity in physical network configuration
  • Fully automated provisioning of tenant networking and security services, reducing manual onboarding efforts and guaranteeing repeatable, accurate configurations to support applications
  • Ability to run customer applications anywhere within the data centre on a shared platform, with assured secure multi-tenancy

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