Supercharging VMware Cloud on AWS

with native AWS services

For this episode of Cloud Insiders we are returning to the rich world of VMware Cloud on AWS but this time we are looking at this cloud solution from an Amazon Web Services (AWS) point of view. We are joined by Chris Porter, a Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS specialising in VMware technologies and Andy Hine, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant at Xtravirt.

We look at how easy it is to get started with VMware Cloud on AWS, who is using it and how, and take a look at supercharging VMware Cloud on AWS by using AWS’ catalogue of over 175 services.

Enter a pairing of endless possibilities and find out how utilising AWS’ services to boost VMware Cloud on AWS can enhance how you work today and improve productivity and processes in the future.

2:29 – Amazon Web Services in a nutshell and how to get started

3:52 – A quick run down of VMware Cloud on AWS and the AWS services that it uses

5:57 – What are the real world applications of VMware Cloud on AWS?

9:50 – The native AWS services Xtravirt have used to boost VMware Cloud on AWS

10:26 – Which industries are using VMware Cloud on AWS and who were the first to adopt?

11:36 – During a time of hugely increased remote working are businesses turning to VMware Cloud on AWS for business continuity and disaster recovery?

14:29 – As companies are moving to remote working to combat the current global situation will remote working continue to grow in popularity once everything is back to normal?

15:50 – What are the best ways of supercharging VMware Cloud on AWS and boosting your organisations capabilities by harnessing native AWS services?

18:55 – Can you use Amazon Serverless technologies such as Lambda with VMware Cloud on AWS and what are the applications of that?

21:21 – What are the biggest questions that you hear customers/users asking?

24:42 – How do businesses get started with VMware Cloud on AWS?

Interested in using VMware Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS? Find out more in Andy Hines blog – Horizon with VMware Cloud on AWS – solve remote working challenges & future-proof your business

Discover more about VMware Cloud on AWS or find out more about Xtravirt’s cloud consulting services and special offer here, or by sending an email to

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