The Rise of NSX

The strategic evolution of networking and security

The networking and security challenges of the modern enterprise are evolving fast, but are enterprises keeping on top of the threats? How can solutions like VMware NSX help enterprises to protect their networks? Looking ahead, what do those at the forefront of the IT industry think the future has in store for networking and security?  These points and more are covered in this podcast, featuring Xtravirt CEO Gavin Jolliffe and VMware Director of Sales, Networking and Security (UK&I) Ian Jenkins.

01:33 – The VMware NSX journey

03:33 – Challenges and opportunities of NSX

05:20 – How are businesses adapting to new security tools?

07:58 – Understanding the perimeter

09:00 – Hardening the interior – hotel or castle?

11:28 – The move from NSX-V to NSX-T

14:18 – Is NSX the universal ubiquitous aggregator?

15:25 – Balancing progress with the traditional

16:54 – Adapting the organisational structure

19:00 – Where next for NSX?

22:04 – Impact of NSX on cloud-native applications

24:10 – Market adoption of NSX

27:57 – Applying NSX and achieving the benefits

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