VMware Cloud on AWS

Accelerate to a brighter future

This podcast takes a closer look at VMware Cloud on AWS from a consultants point of view. Having rolled up his sleeves and got under the bonnet of VMware Cloud on AWS, Xtravirt consultant, James Kilby, explains how his own views and opinions of VMware Cloud on AWS have changed since it first emerged on the hybrid cloud scene.

Take a listen if you are keen to:

  • Learn more about possible use cases for VMware Cloud on AWS (from being a popular choice for businesses looking to meet temporary bursts in demand, to its more obscure disaster avoidance as-a-service capabilities)
  • Understand the true cost of VMware Cloud on AWS and decide for yourself whether it’s expensive or a great investment
  • Get an independent point of view on the speed of deploying VMware Cloud on AWS
  • Know more about VMware Cloud on AWS pricing – the pricing options available and how to make them work for your business
  • Learn more about some of the native AWS services and benefits they can bring, e.g. Amazon Route 53, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and AWS Lambda
  • Know what you need to consider before getting started with VMware Cloud on AWS

To find out more about VMware Cloud on AWS go to

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