To help you through your cloud journey, let us help you achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Design, implement and optimise a cloud strategy to deliver the outcomes your business needs. From private cloud, to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, our cloud experts know that one size does not fit all. We help companies adopt cloud safely, and in a way that works for them.

Hybrid cloud is a compelling proposition, offering a quick and cost-effective route to enhancing existing resources.  Sensitive data can be kept secure within a private cloud, yet when the business needs to scale networking and compute, it can leverage public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.   Hybrid cloud helps organisations to create new value, by making it easier to develop and deliver applications, and providing the agility required to innovate and respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Whether you need to deal with resource spikes, increase workload mobility or enable DevOps, it’s important to adopt the right cloud strategy, one that will solve the challenges of today and meet your future requirements.

Xtravirt are an award winning cloud consulting and managed services business, widely recognised for accelerating and de-risking enterprise scale cloud transformation projects.  

How we help you


Consume elastic computing resources on demand, drastically reducing provisioning time.


Application infrastructure services enabling rapid, automated, and standardised deployment


Modernising and transitioning infrastructure-based applications to highly available and mobile access.


Disaster recovery solutions optimising protection and infrastructure investment while flexibly supporting capacity requirements

Cloud Storage

Scalable self-service storage capacity on demand supporting a variety of application, backup and archiving needs.


Developing inter-team collaboration through lean and agile processes, improving deployment cycles, and reducing change risk through automation.

solution focus

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is enabling enterprises to continue to add value to their business in the AWS cloud while maximizing existing on-premises VMware infrastructure. Learn what’s possible with VMware Cloud on AWS when you can pivot quickly, fail fast and expand at the ‘speed of need’.


Our outcome-driven approach...

We approach change focusing on the best way to deliver your objectives, taking into account the changes and impacts to people, process and technology.

...delivers benefits

  • A clear roadmap and framework to deliver change in an integrated way backed by a comprehensive business case
  • Clarity of the solutions relevant to you, and how they can be best deployed to achieve your business goals
  • Solution resolution to common challenges such as cloud sprawl and shadow IT
  • Operationalise management and team processes for cloud operating models
  • Resource management and reporting
  • Creation of business unit charging models
  • Identification of services and applications best suited to cloud environments
  • Applying self-service and automation can help to reduce manual tasking and time to delivery
  • Seamless service transition

Rebalance the budget

70% of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance.

Xtravirt’s SDDC solutions, significantly automate manual IT tasking reduce operations cost by up to 30%, whilst improving staff productivity.

Piggy Bank

Xtravirt were our trusted advisors throughout our data centre and VDI migration. They made a huge contribution to the development of our cloud strategy. Their project management experience, technical knowledge and ability to get the job done was essential to the success of this project.

Terry McGuiness

CIO, Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings

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