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Remote working has evolved beyond a fringe use case or perk of the job and into an everyday necessity. Are you and your infrastructure prepared?
Xtravirt Digital Workspace

With 78%* of employees reporting greater productivity and 74%** of companies expecting some employees to continue working remotely permanently, remote working is here to stay.

Supporting and empowering employees to work from home or on the move, means delivering applications or full desktop solutions across any device without compromising user experience or security.

A digital workspace that is designed and built to meet your organisation’s needs will support innovation and positive business outcomes by keeping employees engaged, motivated and collaborating.

Xtravirt have been helping organisations re-evaluate their working solutions and strategies for over a decade and are recognised experts at delivering Digital Workspace solutions. We can assess and improve your current on premises solutions to better integrate remote working into your business or securely and quickly deploy cloud based solutions to develop mobile working.

How we can help you

Enable your remote workforce

We help you achieve greater flexibility, and enable your teams to work more effectively and collaboratively whilst reducing cost and maintaining control. We enable your workforce to work anywhere, anytime, with seamless user experience, and lower operation and maintenance costs.

Workspace Planning

Workspace Planning Strategic assessment and roadmap development enabling delivery of business objectives through a structured framework.

Application delivery

Gaining control and management of software portfolios, streamlining deployment, upgrade, support and maintenance; reducing costs while improving user experience.

Cloud Mobile Device Management

Delivering scalable, secure and compliant mobile device management solutions.


Delivering mobility and scalability, with rapid deployment. Flexible and secure access to critical applications and data from any device, any location.

Cloud Unified Communications

Enabling seamless collaboration within and between organisations, improving productivity and reducing cost.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

We transform business agility with messaging, collaboration, teamwork hub, video and web conferencing on a granular pay-per-use basis.

Solution Focus: VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE securely delivers and manages any app on any device. It helps organisations to engage digital employees, reduce the threat of data leakage and modernize traditional IT operations in the mobile cloud era. Learn more about its benefits and how it could be deployed in your organisation with the VMware Workspace ONE Jumpstart service from Xtravirt


benefits of a digital workspace solution

Bring together positive change

We get in tune with your business, assess the moving parts, and combine our breadth of international experience modernising large and diverse organisations to deliver workspace solutions across offices, cities, and countries.

  • Strategy, operational readiness, resolving future state objectives across people, process and technology
  • Business process solutions which provide more effective collaboration, data management, and security
  • Technical solutions to enable the optimised stateless nirvana. Independently managed devices, operating systems, applications, and personas
  • Add reliability and resilience to new or existing, on-premises or cloud infrastructure
  • Integrated design and architecture of new solutions with existing systems
  • Transitioning infrastructure, services, applications and data
  • Training and enablement of your operations teams, together with lifecycle support and maintenance options
  • Self-service app stores
  • Application portfolio assessment

Optimising deployment

It can take up to 4 – 6 months to establish hardware and software infrastructure. By utilising Xtravirt’s proven approach and knowledge of cloud technologies, we can deliver cloud based, enterprise grade Digital Workspace solutions in weeks not months, a typical time-to-market saving of over 80%.

Three Happy Colleagues Working Collaboratively In A Multi-Cloud Environment Built Using Vmware Cloud Foundation

Xtravirt can help you take the next step on your Digital Workspace journey

Scope your organisation's current and future Digital Workspace needs in a zero commitment call with our expert team

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*source: Gallup  |  ** source: Gartner