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Next generation support for VMware Technologies
Xtravirt Managed Services Brochure
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delivering transformation and beyond

A new generation of managed services

meeting the demand for flexible lifecycle support

Digital transformation and Cloud computing have become an intrinsic part of business growth, enabling flexibility and new strategic capabilities. Along with these opportunities, the operational challenges that can come with adopting these new models are becoming increasingly clear.

The process of taking on the management responsibility for new platforms begins during pilot phases before the point of go-live and continues into early adoption and steady-state. Just as project teams are disbanded and contractors leave, organisations begin to rely on platforms that their teams have little experience in managing and may never have had to fix. It is not uncommon for these operational challenges to carry through and even intensify during the first few years following adoption.

Fortunately, there are a new generation of managed services providers (MSPs) emerging, offering evolved services to help organisations simplify operational management, and unlock maximum value from their digital investments.

A simple 30 minute conversation is all we need to identify the XMS services that could help solve your business challenges.

Modern lifecycle managed services have moved beyond traditional break-fix. They provide businesses with the support needed to accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption, reducing risk and realising new business value.

Strategic Services Director, Xtravirt

study finds firms are turning to service providers to address cloud challenges

According to a 2021 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Xtravirt and VMware, cloud adoption and management challenges have serious implications for firms. 

Nearly 80% of surveyed cloud decision-makers said these challenges have a negative impact on their firm’s ability to realise their intended digital transformation outcomes.

Yet, 83% of those surveyed said working with an MSP would enable their firm to optimise its cloud strategy in on going business transformation.

Some of the expected benefits from working with an MSP, included:


Release of internal resources to higher value activities


Increase in the value of internal organisation


Better IT cost management overall

built on industry leading expertise

Introducing Xtravirt Managed Services

flexible support options for your VMware environment

Xtravirt’s technical expertise and consulting capabilities have helped lead over 2,000 IT modernisation projects to success. Recognising that organisations needed further help and support beyond deployment, Xtravirt built a new portfolio of support services to keep cloud investments optimised and delivering value.

Xtravirt Managed Services (XMS) is a family of managed services subscriptions for VMware-based environments and their integrations. Designed to be different, XMS provides flexible lifecycle support to organisations wanting to simplify platform management and unlock business value. Modular consumption options give businesses the ability to build a package of support for solutions and meet changing needs.

Reduce key person risk

Bridge key risks and dependencies while managing cost

Be prepared

Access to effective support in the event of a critical incident

Control costs

Monitor operational KPIs and cost optimisation

Flexible services

Agile operation models that align to internal IT needs

Improved governance

Confidence of best practice security and compliance

Proven VMware expertise

Principal Partner and holder of Master Services Competencies

Structured services to support and assure technology rollout and early adoption to deliver business value

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Next generation services designed to help business achieve full value from digital transformation

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A range of scheduled and one-off strategic and operational services to address business needs and skills gaps

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tailored for you

Built with the best

With market-leading expertise in all VMware solutions, the XMS portfolio of services is designed to integrate and align to an organisation’s IT capabilities and business requirements.

Available across the whole VMware portfolio

vRealize Suite
Workspace ONE
Carbon Black
VMware Cloud Foundation
VMware Cloud on AWS
NSX Suite
Cloud Health
Site Recovery Manager
Horizon / Horizon Cloud
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robust services that evolve with your business

Delivering long term business value

redefining transformation success

Xtravirt believe that the traditional measure of transformation success, based on delivering a desired solution on budget and within the expected time frame, is outdated. All too often, post implementation, operations teams are then expected to ensure the promised business outcomes are delivered, all while learning new skills and navigating their way round an unfamiliar new environment. It is no surprise that when things start to go wrong, internal IT teams quickly find themselves out of their depth.

For organisations who have invested in VMware solutions, XMS ensures that they have access to the support they need as they transition beyond implementation, through early adoption and into steady state. Simplified operational management, enhanced security and staying compliant are just some of the outcomes we enable for organisations.

Skilled support and management

  • Rapid access to skilled and experienced support when incidents arise
  • Root cause analysis identifies why platforms are not running as expected
  • Extend services to include proactive maintenance and monitoring

Risk mitigation and opportunity

  • Understand, prioritise and address information security and operational risks
  • Mitigate key-person dependencies and capability to respond to major incidents
  • Manage cloud costs with effective forecasting and solution optimisation

Exceed your organisational internal capability

  • Ensure new projects and digital solutions are fully supported with the right skills from pre-production into early adoption
  • Focus your internal teams who understand your business on the activities that will provide the most value
  • Ensure systems are maintained and patched in line with policy and compliance requirements

Continuous Digital Evolution

  • Realise the full benefit of transformation investments
  • Identify and take advantage of new features, functionality and integrated solutions as they are released
  • Ensure ongoing alignment between digital and cloud platforms and business priorities

ensuring successful transition

Early Life Support services

ensure smooth adoption to business-as-usual support

Early Life Support services are designed to bridge the gap between the delivery of transformation programs deployment and IT operations readiness to manage and maintain the new platforms. Traversing this gap ensures that digital transformation programs have access to a production-aligned support function that fits the project need while highly skilled delivery engineers and consultants focus on the important task of meeting the go-live date. Early life Support can continue to provide support in production while internal operations build knowledge or as part of a transition to an Xtravirt Lifecycle Support service.

Early Life Support

Structured support framework during program delivery

When incidents arise during project delivery, engineers and consultants are quick to diagnose and resolve, leveraging their skills and experience to deliver this efficiently.

Formalising support with ELS during project adds governance to all incident response, improving data collection and providing a foundation for knowledge and incident management in production.

Early Life Support Plus

Support and core maintenance during pilot and early adoption

ELS Plus extends the ELS support model taking the responsibility for maintenance from the project team allowing them to focus on completing delivery objectives.

Ensuring solutions are fully maintained and compliant as the go-live date approaches provides reassurance to IT operations teams, ensuring no last-minute patch cycles and risks to timelines.

Early Life Support Pro

Full platform management to support pilot and transition to production

A positive experience for pilot users and early adopters is key to driving sponsorship, accelerating usage and supporting growth post go-live.

While internal training and knowledge transfer is underway, ELS Pro partners with internal IT to deliver an ITIL aligned service and support model providing incident response and managing the availability, performance and maintenance of the solution.



ELS Plus


XMS Desk

Service Desk
Service Management -

Service Operations

L3/L4 Escalated Support
Managed Availability - -
Managed Maintenance - -
Managed Quality - - -

Service Strategy

- - -

Flex Services

Post-Live Health Assessment
Patch Management -
Image Management -
   Included             Optional

aligned to IT requirements

Lifecycle Support services

manage operational risks and reinforce internal IT capability

Lifecycle Support offers solutions designed to align to IT requirements based around 3 core offerings. One size doesn’t fit all, so roles and responsibilities are defined and customised within the framework to meet the needs of each engagement, Solutions can be extended to meet specific requirements by integrating additional Flex Services.

Retained response

Expert assistance for the unplanned or unexpected

Designed for occasional use in the event of a major incident or to cover when a key-person dependency is not available, Retained Response acts as an insurance policy for critical IT services.

Call-out access to highly skilled resources, familiar with your environment who are available to respond and advise at short notice.

XMS Production

Extending IT operational capability

XMS Production is a 3rd and 4th line support service providing rapid access to highly skilled engineers when operational incidents arise. 

Experienced VMware specialists and a solid understanding of your environment gives the confidence that should issues arise, they can be quickly resolved.

XMS Enterprise

Full support model for business-critical platforms

XMS Enterprise is an extensive set of proactive services ensuring day to day platform management and incident resolution, patch maintenance and extending this with risk management reporting and capacity management. 

Focussed on ensuring service availability, performance and integrity, XMS Enterprise releases internal resources to apply their skills and knowledge to delivering additional business value.


Retained Response

XMS Production

XMS Enterprise

XMS Desk

Service Desk
Service Management -

Service Operations

L3/L4 Escalated Support
Managed Availability - -
Managed Maintenance - -
Managed Quality - - -

Flex Services

Post-Live Health Assessment - -
Patch Management - -
Image Management - -

Flex Services

   Included             Optional          Part-included

targeted functional support and expertise

Flex services

flexible access to bolt-on services

There are times when support is needed for a single technology or to provide certainty that routine activities are carried out in line with commitments. Providing a wide range of capabilities including automation and scripting, managed patching, upgrade assistance or image maintenance, Flex services are designed to meet this requirement.

Flex services are designed to be plug and play.  Engage on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis or add to other support packages to create a service model that meets the exact requirements of the customer.

Health Check

Consultant-led engagement delivering independent operational health assessment of production cloud and data centre infrastructure solutions.

Analysis covers configuration, performance and maintenance processes providing insight into improvement opportunities and operational risk factors.

Risk and Compliance Assessment

Assessment and identification of Security, Performance and Availability risks aligned to potential impact.

Provides IT leaders, risk managers and internal audit the information necessary to understand current risks and prioritise necessary corrective action.

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Patch Management

Patch Management provides services to support operational IT teams in one-off or routine scheduled patching using experienced engineers.

Image Management

With the prevalence of deployment blueprints and gold-images across cloud and virtualised environments, there is a critical requirement to ensure that operating system and desktop patches and updates are applied in a timely fashion.

take the next step

Assure success with Xtravirt Managed Services

a trusted IT partner you can rely on

Experience Managed Services that align to your IT priorities and integrate with your internal capabilities.

Provide IT operations with the capacity to better support business change and innovation.

Ensure your transformation investment is managed, maintained and optimised, delivering the promised benefits.

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could XMS help your business?

Whether you are still evaluating your migration to the cloud, want to maintain the benefits of the cloud or are now facing operational challenges, Xtravirt Managed Services can help.

A simple 30 minute conversation is all we need to outline some XMS service options and pricing packages that could be a good fit for your business.

Want to learn more about Xtravirt Managed Services?

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