Keeping your cloud services continually compliant

Strategies to avoid the descent to legacy

Listen to this webinar from Xtravirt & Runecast and get the answers to how your business can unlock the full value of its cloud and digital transformation as well as better understand and manage risk and compliance in the private, hybrid or public cloud.

Digital transformation is all about transitioning to more flexible and less capital constrained IT solutions supporting new opportunities for business growth. Modern platforms including cloud services provide greater functionality and are increasingly stable when compared to their predecessors. However, if they are not sufficiently managed and maintained, business and information security risks can quickly accumulate, rapidly accelerating shiny new investments towards future legacy.

This webinar explores some of the main challenges facing infrastructure and IT leaders today and shows how it is possible to keep pace with changing technology whilst supporting other key business priorities.

Find out what new solutions are available today to support IT operations, allowing you to be free to support key business priorities – from next-generation managed services, to predictive analytics and compliance software

About the speakers:

Robin Gardner

Robin Gardner is Strategic Services Director at Xtravirt Ltd, a modern consulting and managed services business that works with organisations to enable them to unlock the full potential of cloud. He creates innovative strategic solutions that ensure organisations gain long term value from digital transformation investments. With a career in IT spanning almost 30 years Gardner previously held IT leadership roles in global and European retail and financial services.

Kev Johnson

Kev Johnson is the Systems Engineer at Runecast, 5-time vExpert, VCP-DCV, VCP-CMA, VCP-NV, VCIX-DCV. Kev is helping customers to simplify the management of their VMware & AWS environments. He is a constant tinkerer, likes to play with new tech and break it (then figure out how to put it back together again). Definitely someone who is worth listening to!

Andy Hine

Andy Hine joined Xtravirt in August 2015 as a Technical Pre-Sales Consultant. He has over 15 years’ experience in IT across various industries and technologies. He has been involved in many transformation projects, architecting and enabling solutions in IT infrastructure and systems management, EUC/application delivery, virtualisation and cloud transition. Andy has a wide array of technical skills mainly focused on VMware, Citrix and Microsoft technologies.