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Higher Education

As higher education institutions look for more cost effective and sustainable ways to drive innovation and stay ahead of their competitors, many have turned to the cloud and Xtravirt.

Engaging staff and students on campus and remotely is imperative for all universities and colleges. Those not seen to be innovating and providing cutting edge technology stand to lose their competitive edge and become irrelevant. Xtravirt have helped a number of higher education institutions including Russell Group Universities modernise and transform their IT solutions. Is it time to explore how technology can cement your place as a leading light in learning?

Public Sector

Empowering the public sector to harness cloud and best in class digital technologies, so they can deliver better outcomes for citizens and communities.

Across the public sector, from government to blue light services, organisations are under pressure to do more, with less. They must meet the rising demands and expectations of the citizens they serve, whilst facing budget constraints and increasing governance, security and compliance requirements. Xtravirt work in close collaboration with public sector organisations, giving them access to specialist cloud consulting and next generation managed services support, so they can simplify their journey to cloud and transform public services.

Financial Services

Xtravirt work with world leading financial institutions to design, deploy and  manage new and existing IT operating models to maximise IT investments and ensure business goals are met.

It is no secret that the financial services are under significant  pressure from customers to innovate whilst still facing economic upheaval and regulatory challenges. Xtravirt understands these requirments and are best placed in the market to help finanical services respond to these needs, delivering a seamless and secure customer experience that meets the growing expectation for digital banking.


We partner with healthcare organisations to develop and launch new operating models, increase the value of their existing technology investments, and identify ways to improve services for patients and staff.

Healthcare organisations face constant challenges, from threats on patient data to supporting ageing infrastructures. We partner with healthcare providers across private and public sectors as they strive for growth. We can help you innovate ahead of disruption, defend against attacks such as ransomware, and deliver the seamless and integrated experience that both patients and staff require.

All industries

We have years of experience in your industry, and we share knowledge and methodologies across industries for best results.

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