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Date published: April 2, 2019

Digital transformation is a journey, and technology alone doesn’t move your business forward on that journey. It’s also about people, processes and strategies.

But your IT organization may not have the skills, expertise and resources to deploy and optimize next-generation technologies. Instead, you may turn to strategic advisors that help you architect, design, deliver and integrate solutions at each stage of your digital transformation journey.

These IT specialists, strategic advisors, solutions providers and cloud service providers are critical to your organization’s digital transformation. They ensure you realize the maximum value of your technology investments and provide real business impact. They can provide training, management and troubleshooting on cloud technologies. They help design scalable and secure infrastructures based on your use cases, industry, business size and region. They offer turnkey IT solutions.

We call these professionals our partners. They empower you to confidently and quickly innovate with VMware technologies. And it’s important that we empower our partners, too, to meet your expanding demands.

With this in mind, we are transforming how we engage with our partners. Here’s what’s new and how it impacts you:

  • We’re making VMware solutions and services more accessible to partners and, ultimately, to you. Over the years, our partner program grew and became too complicated. We’re evolving from a partner network to building partner connections. The new VMware Partner Connect program will dramatically simplify how partners do business with VMware and allows for flexibility based on their unique business models.
  • We’re recognizing partner competencies so you will be able to better identify the most capable, trusted partners. We want you to be assured that the partner you choose to work with are the best at what they do. So we’re creating three tiers—Partner, Advanced Partner and Principal Partner—to recognize partners that achieve Master Services Competencies, such as the new VMware Cloud on AWS Master Services Competency, and VMware Solution Competencies.
  • We’re continuing to drive execution excellence among partners. You rely on partners to complete critical projects, provide strategic advice or manage your IT services. So, we want all partners to be up-to-date on their VMware expertise and technology proficiency. In the new program, every global partner will be required to achieve VMware Solution Competencies.
  • We’re incentivizing partners to expand into the technologies you demand. We know you’re making major shifts to the cloud and adopting advanced technology solutions, like hyperconverged infrastructure. So we’re doubling down on incentives to encourage our partners to grow with you. We believe our partners are the most effective and sustainable channel to scale your deployments from the data center to the cloud to the edge.

“The Master Services Competencies are the new gold standard. They are hard to achieve and even harder to maintain. That’s a good thing for the customer. It means that they’re getting the highest level of assurance that we can work with them to achieve their goals and that they can sleep better at night.”

Gavin Jolliffe, CEO, Xtravirt

VMware has always been a partner-centric company, committed to growing and driving our independent technology ecosystem. The way we work with partners, our co-innovators, is transforming, but our vision remains the same: delivering superior value throughout your journey with a vibrant and committed partner ecosystem.

Read the press release here to learn more about the new VMware Partner Connect.

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