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Xtravirt Managed Ransomware Protection

Is your business adequately prepared for a ransomware attack? Xtravirt's Managed Ransomware Protection service, powered by VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Protection, delivers the assurance and resilience required, providing the confidence of recovery in the face of potential threats.

At a glance

  • Swift deployment solution
  • Protection against ransomware threats
  • New ransomware protection implementation
  • Legacy disaster recovery tool upgrade
  • Transition to Managed Services
  • Support desk service
  • Escalated support
  • Managed availability
  • Managed maintenance
  • Operations management
  • Strategic management


Ransomware is the most likely reason for organisations to invoke a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan, yet the traditional disaster recovery strategies many businesses have in place are not equipped to deal with this new generation of threat. Most legacy solutions focus on protecting services by replicating data for recovery in the event of natural disasters, flood, and infrastructure failures such as power outages.

By using the Xtravirt Managed Ransomware Protection service, you can protect your organisation’s critical VMware virtual machine workloads against ransomware. This will give you the confidence that your data is protected should you need to recover. In the event of needing to recover, Xtravirt can support your organisation to either recover back to your original infrastructure, or to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Outcomes and benefits

By using VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery with Ransomware Protection, this initial rapid-deploy solution ensures your organisation can be confident it can recover in the event of attack and you can relax knowing you have a VMware partner managing and maintaining the solution on your behalf.

This service is intended to offer protection against ransomware. Should the configuration of a recovery environment be required, Xtravirt can additionally deploy a 2x node VMware Cloud on AWS Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) to support in the rapid recovery for disaster recovery (often referred to as a ‘Pilot Light’). Alternatively, Xtravirt can assist with deploying an on-demand VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC for testing recovery of the protected data.

Use Cases

Our Managed Ransomware Protection service caters to a variety of organisations, ranging from those seeking initial implementation of ransomware protection to those intending to upgrade or replace their existing solutions. The following are some typical use cases for our service:

New Ransomware Protection Implementation: For businesses operating on-premises or VMware Cloud on AWS hosted workloads but lacking a solid disaster recovery or ransomware protection strategy, this service can provide significant benefits. We provide an efficient and effective way to implement a comprehensive protection system against ransomware threats.

Legacy Disaster Recovery Tool Upgrade: Some businesses may be using legacy disaster recovery tools that do not offer specific protection against the latest ransomware attacks. Our service provides a modern, robust solution that fills this gap and fortifies defences against ransomware.

Transition to Managed Services: Businesses that are currently managing ransomware protection in-house may find that it is resource-intensive and lacks certain capabilities. Our service offers a fully managed solution, allowing organisations to focus on their core business while we ensure their workloads are well-protected against ransomware attacks.

Each of these cases represents an opportunity for businesses to strengthen their IT infrastructure and data protection strategies, ensuring business continuity in the face of ever-growing cyber threats.


Xtravirt’s Managed Ransomware Protection service, powered by VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, offers a robust solution to your ransomware protection needs. It delivers virtual machine-specific protection, ensuring each workload in your infrastructure – whether distinguished by name, tag, or folder – has recoverability against ransomware threats. The service offers 24/7 monitoring of both replication and recovery plan alerts, ensuring immediate response to any emerging issues.

To cater to varying levels of workload criticality, our service delivers granular recovery points, making it possible to roll back to a precise state pre-incident. In order to maintain compliance, we also provide reports outlining the protection status of your system.

The Xtravirt’s Managed Ransomware Protection service comes with the following Xtravirt Managed Service (XMS) modules:

Support Desk Services: Your IT environment benefits from 24/7 incident response, resolution services, and operational management, ensuring business continuity. As an ISO:20000 and ISO:27001 certified service, we adhere to the highest standards of IT service management and information security. XMS simplifies communication by offering a single point of contact for all your service management needs. We also maintain and regularly update detailed incident records, which allows us to continually improve service performance.

Escalated Support: XMS takes care of all incidents, either escalated by you or identified by us. We use a well-established triage process to evaluate and resolve these incidents, providing workarounds when necessary. In case of major incidents, our team offers full-scale incident management, ensuring swift and effective responses to crises.

Managed Availability: Our team triages alerts generated by the VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery platform, determining which require escalation or closure. Daily checks are performed to ensure optimal functioning of the platform.

Managed Maintenance: XMS carries out routine maintenance according to VMware guidelines and optimises resources based on business use. Any changes align with your established control process to minimise disruption to operations.

Operations Management: XMS maintains configurations, settings, and rules to ensure operational performance and availability. Support for standard changes aligns with current state architecture and configuration standards. These actions are governed through a PACSI (Perform, Accountable, Consult, Suggest, and Inform) matrix, ensuring clear accountability and shared responsibility.

Strategic Management: Regular reviews ensure that your technical solutions align with your business objectives and roadmap, identifying and addressing potential improvements.

In summary, Xtravirt’s Managed Ransomware Protection service provides a comprehensive ransomware defence solution that integrates seamlessly into your business, providing peace of mind and operational excellence.

What is a VMware Validated Service Offering?

VMware Validated Service Offerings (VSO) are pre-validated solutions that combine VMware products and services with Xtravirt Managed Services to address a specific business need. Solutions are designed to be easy to manage and maintain saving you time and money on IT operations.

Here are some of the benefits of using a VMware Validated Service Offering:

  • Accelerated deployment: Pre-validated, so you can deploy them quickly and easily.
  • Reduced risk: Designed to be secure, reliable, and scalable.
  • Improved IT operations: Easy to manage and maintain.

Why Xtravirt?

Xtravirt is a cloud consulting and managed services business with over 15-years of realising value for VMware customers. We deliver across the customer lifecycle from strategy and design, through deployment and transformation into ongoing managed services. We can bridge customers from their current environment through to a modern cloud future.


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