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Xtravirt is officially designated an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner. We are widely recognised as a leading UK consulting and managed services partner for organisations seeking to accelerate cloud adoption with VMware Cloud on AWS and providing enhanced cyber security protection through disaster recovery and ransomware recovery solutions.

VMware Cloud on AWS has delivered from the perspective of business continuity, systems availability, and performance. The best compliment highlighting the success of this project is that our users haven’t noticed any disruption or change, everything just works.”

Stefan Gustafsson

Senior IT Engineer, Sophos

our AWS cloud capability

Helping businesses realise success sooner

While many firms already have Cloud adoption initiatives underway, finding paths to accelerate value across the whole application portfolio can be challenging. Application Modernisation and Cloud Native development regularly leave a long tail of stalled legacy applications and services which take up valuable datacentre space requiring ongoing investment in networking and security platforms, deferring access to full business case benefits. We enable organisations to take full advantage of VMware Cloud on AWS as a bridging service, integrating physical VMware infrastructure with a flexible VMware cloud service fully integrated to AWS and allowing rapid application migration with minimal redevelopment. Releasing physical infrastructure costs and operational overhead delivers early financial wins and simplifies the IT estate, focussing investment on completing the modernisation journey.

AWS Consulting Services

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VMware Cloud on AWS
Elastic Compute (EC2) and Storage (S3, Glacier)
Elastic Container Services (ECS)
Hybrid cloud integration
AWS Direct Connect and multi-cloud security
VMware workload migration
Cloud desktop including AWS Workspace and VMware Horizon on AWS

AWS Managed Services

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Managed VMware Cloud on AWS
Managed desktop devices
Native and hybrid cloud managed services
Business continuity and disaster recovery

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Driving value for our customers

As an AWS Advanced Partner, we have a proven track record of designing and delivering cloud solutions for our customers. If you would like to know more about how we might accelerate your cloud strategy, or help you achieve your target operational outcomes, we’d love to hear from you.

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