Rachel Stanton

Marketing Assistant

What is your role at Xtravirt?

I work as part of the Marketing team, helping to promote who Xtravirt are and what we do through various channels. I provide support to the Sales team by assisting with marketing campaigns, partner marketing activities and the production of marketing collateral from the design stage to the delivery. I’m also responsible for coordinating the Xtravirt sponsored podcast, Cloud Insiders, which brings together industry experts who explore the range of IT transformation issues facing today’s organisations.


What was your first job?

Administrator and Legal Secretary for Colas Ltd


What attracted you to Xtravirt?

The atmosphere and company ethos. Xtravirt are passionate about their people and so I was attracted to being part of a people focussed company, where you are appreciated for your work and efforts and not just considered a number. There is also structure and support throughout the business which encourages you to succeed in your role not just for the business, but for your own growth and career development as well.


What industries would you say you know well?

The Automotive, Manufacturing and Print industries I got to know well in my first job. I have learnt a lot about the IT industry, and continue to do so since beginning working at Xtravirt, as you are surrounded by tech savvy individuals every day!


What makes a great ‘Marketing Assistant’?

A great marketing assistant is organised and coordinated, has a creative mindset and can articulate the business’ message and ethos effectively through various forms of communication.


What’s your favorite part of your job?

I have the ability to work on a range of diverse projects with lots of different teams throughout the business. I also get the opportunity to explore different areas of marketing on a daily basis – from customer success stories to podcasting and social media.



Social media, marketing campaigns, podcasts, project management and delivery, sales support, content generation


People would be surprised to hear that I worked as…

A waitress in the Marriott hotel in Gatwick


First car?

A turquoise blue Vauxhall Corsa (lasted 6 months!)


I have lived/worked in the following cities:

Horsham, Crawley, Southampton, Slinfold, Leatherhead


Charities, causes, or institutions I support

Age UK, Alzheimer’s Society, JAMfund, Cancer Research



Cooking, socialising, travelling, walking, Zumba



Southampton Solent University, BA (Hons) in Photography


What was your first job?

My first job was in a tiny café called Hoffmans when I was 15. I worked there with my best friend every Saturday for just over 2 years. I loved meeting new people and seeing our regulars at the same time each week.