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New study finds organisations are turning to service providers to address cloud challenges

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Xtravirt and VMware published in March 2021, found that whilst technology leaders accept multicloud as their default operating system, this strategy is not painless. 

The study found that cloud challenges exist beyond initial adoption; in fact, they intensify during ongoing cloud management. Firms admitted to struggling to achieve a steady state of operational management of multicloud when they self-manage and said investing in MSP partnerships would enable their organisations to optimise their cloud strategies.

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51 percent have already adopted multicloud strategy for hosting applications and in-corporating privatepublic and SaaS cloud platforms
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Read the study in full and discover:

  • What are the challenges being faced by firms during cloud adoption and in the pursuit of a steady state of operational management?
  • How many businesses are already investing with MSPs to tackle cloud management challenges?
  • What benefits are organisations expecting from an MSP investment?

Cloud adoption and management challenges have serious implications for firms. Nearly 80% of those surveyed said they have a negative impact on their firm’s ability to realise their intended digital transformation outcomes.

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