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We harness technology, managing business and organisational change through to value realisation.
Xtravirt Transformation
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Adapting to new realities

Transformation extends beyond infrastructure and service transition. We start with the “why”, then apply our expertise and best practice to achieve benefit realisation through accelerated business adoption and value.

We consider the future opportunities that transformation can bring to an organisation.  Working to provide a foundation for businesses to grow and optimise, we improve effectiveness and agility, creating new opportunities and supporting innovation.

What we do

Cloud Transformation

Designing and managing programs for large and complex change and modernisation

Digital Workspace

Modernising the way people work, enabling flexible any device, anywhere, anytime access

Modern Applications

Robust solutions for secure and scalable containerisation, and continuous delivery integrated with enterprise infrastructure

Service Transition

Follow re-usable “conveyor belt” frameworks to transition people, workloads, and applications

Business Marketing

Our teams are business aware, ready to engage, prepare and motivate users to drive support and adoption


Mechanise infrastructure and business processes to optimise, industrialise and accelerate organisational tasks

our approach

Digital transformation that works for you

We understand the wider business considerations, including operational, governance and regulatory expectations.  Whether deploying greenfield or modernising existing, we provide an adjustable scaffold that forms to the contours and needs of your business.

We can support engagement within your organisation, enabling understanding and confidence to accelerate and drive scalable adoption. Working adaptably at your pace enables us to achieve change with you, while preparing for the continual evolution beyond.

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South Somerset Distric Council Building

South Somerset District Council

From providing additional skilled resources that ensure our IT upgrade projects run to plan, to providing access to specialist skills and advice that help us to get the best out of our IT investments, we have always found the supportive team at Xtravirt there to help!

Digital Specialist, South Somerset District Council