Application Transformation

Migrate and optimise your applications for greater longevity and continuous delivery

Migrate and optimise your applications for greater longevity and continuous delivery

Businesses have a tendency to sit on legacy applications, hoarding them in case they’re needed and holding onto that solitary floppy disk that makes the whole thing run.  Application transformation steps in to assess and migrate all necessary applications to the cloud making them accessible to those that need them and giving you essential oversight of what you have.

Xtravirt’s application transformation services are delivered by our specialist consulting team who can guide you through the best approach for migrating your applications.  Our experts know what’s needed to get your applications to the cloud with minimum disruption and once they’re safely migrated, can help you get the best out of them.  Tailoring solutions from the very latest technologies we aim not just to make your apps and employees more efficient in the short term, but future-proof your applications in readiness for what lies ahead. 

Any cloud, any app, any where

Cloud application management

Availability is paramount to any company with a mobile or multi-site workforce, with Cloud Application Management you can achieve hyper-availability and by utilising a Platform-as-a-Service solution you can do so without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.

Streamline Resources


Take your applications further and reduce their footprint with containerisation. By using a shared operating system containers offer lightweight alternative to Virtual Machines and become more available and mobile in multi and hybrid cloud environments.  Reduce deployment time of applications, and react faster to consumer demands and never have to re-write the same application for different operating systems again. 

Write, deploy, repeat

Container Orchestration

You made the leap to containers to free up time, lets take it one step further. Container orchestration allows you to spend less time deploying and more time doing by automating processes and allowing for self-service deployment of containers. Using the right tool-sets will allow automatic monitoring and remediation as well as orchestrated upgrades to keep you up to speed.

Cloud native reinvigorated

Beyond the migration of legacy applications, application transformation can revitalise cloud native applications by changing the approach you take to development. You can add infinite elasticity and resilience to applications, add secured multi-tenancy configuration keeping your users information safe while minimising your footprint in the cloud but staying available to everyone.

Xtravirt can help you achieve faster development, by adopting a microservices architecture. Updates can take place more frequently owing to reduced complexity and using Kubernetes you can orchestrate these rolling updates with out affecting the availability of your applications.

Reduce deployment time, up availability and unlock the full potential of your applications for your users, if you’re looking to get more from your cloud native applications, Xtravirt are here to help.

An Introduction to Enterprise PKS

Containerisation is on the rise under the general premise that it saves you time when spinning up new containers in your environment. However you still have to spend time applying permissions 

Introduction to PKS

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