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Since the emergence of cloud, the enterprise IT model has been turned on its head and disruption has been witnessed across almost every industry. Having established their infrastructure in the cloud from day one, so called ‘born in the cloud’ companies like Netflix, Uber and Deliveroo have shown what’s possible when you can pivot quickly, fail fast and expand at the ‘speed of need’.

Today, an estimated 70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place already or are working on one. Taking their cue from software development, these companies understand the importance of iterating their processes, quickly learning from their mistakes and adapting their plans accordingly to remain relevant.

Furthermore, these companies recognise that customer experience (CX) is the new battlefront. As consumers, we’ve come to expect more choice in every aspect of our lives, from where and how we choose to shop, bank, or even eat. We expect our needs to be met on-demand through the channel of our choice. What’s more, if a brand fails to meet our expectations, it’s never been easier to walk away.

With cloud at the heart of both of these trends, it’s no wonder businesses are seeking the solutions and support they need to accelerate and de-risk their journey to the cloud.


Fuelling investment in transformation

Gartner expects that in 2020, more than eight out of ten companies will be competing mostly or completely based on CX 

According to McKinsey & Company, CIOs see the cloud as crucial to modernising technology and by 2022 they will have migrated 75 percent of workloads to the cloud 

Three quarters of companies fear disruption from data-driven digital competitors, and almost 92 percent say investment is required to transform into agile and competitive businesses 

Gartner projects that cloud services market will grow at nearly three times that of the  overall IT services market through 2022 

Delivering a digital advantage

While the cloud itself could be considered a journey rather than a destination, the benefits of migrating to the cloud are wholly tangible.

Organisations that have already started on this journey are reaping these benefits, including greater cost-efficiencies, faster time to market and empowering productivity though real time flexible and remote working.
Those who have moved applications and workloads from their data centres have seen significant cost efficiencies with none of the ongoing operational or maintenance costs usually associated with on-premise IT – freeing up the IT team to focus on other revenue-generating opportunities for the business.

In addition, cloud is a problem-solver. It has never been more important for organisations to be agile, and failure to do so can result in being left behind in an increasingly competitive and fast-moving business environment. The cloud can reduce time-to-market, accelerating product development and improving customer service – a key metric upon which businesses are judged today. Its scalability also means organisations can react more quickly to economic conditions, customer or seasonal demands.

Elsewhere, the cloud enables distributed groups of people to work collaboratively, sharing information in real time. In a world where remote and flexible working is now commonplace, enterprises are using cloud solutions to unlock team members from the restrictions of office-based IT.

Get to the cloud sooner

Move quickly, easily and cost effectively with VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud (VMC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) bridges the gap between private and public clouds. A jointly engineered service that brings VMware’s enterprise class software-defined datacentre capabilities to AWS, with optimised access to its services, VMC on AWS offers ultra-fast cloud migration, powered by VMware HCX and vMotion, combined with consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure and operations.

VMC on AWS enables organisations to maximise their VMware investments, allowing them to quickly scale up or down capacity, without change or friction, for any workload with access to native cloud services – without the need to buy new hardware.

Hybrid cloud

The best of both worlds

However, the move to the cloud isn’t without its challenges. In the early days of cloud, public cloud was seen to be highly advantageous. But for established and large enterprises with significant investment in legacy IT (and the constraints that go with it), a wholesale move to public cloud wasn’t feasible.

Even today, for some enterprises, migrating from on-premise IT to a native cloud environment can be a daunting thought.
Their concerns about migrating to the public cloud may include:

  • A wholesale move to public cloud will require new teams and new skills 
  • Their security strategy will be ineffective when workloads are shifted to public cloud 
  • The move may be too complex, time consuming and costly to achieve 
  • They will be locked into a single cloud provider 
  • Incompatibility issues may put business critical legacy applications at risk  

However, the emergence of hybrid cloud, like VMware Cloud on AWS, offers businesses the best of both worlds. Organisations gain the flexibility and speed required to respond to changing business needs, accelerating innovation and aligning costs to business requirements. But the public cloud also integrates seamlessly with their on-premise infrastructure, enabling them to take advantage of their existing investments in IT: teams, skillsets, tools and processes.

A guide to VMware Cloud on AWS Hybrid Cloud Model Diagram

Use Cases

Accelerate Cloud Migrations

VMC on AWS is ideal for organisations wanting to move to the cloud without the need to re-architect applications. Workloads can be moved to the cloud at scale in line with business needs. VMC on AWS lets enterprises make ‘quick wins’ when it comes to unlocking the benefits of public cloud, while allowing them to take incremental steps to consolidate their data centres over time.

  • Minimises complexity and risk of transition 
  • Simplifies and accelerates speed of migrations 
  • Reduces cost of migrations 
  • Extends value of existing enterprise app investments 

Extend your data centre

Enterprises can rapidly, seamlessly and cost effectively extend their datacentre with VMC on AWS. For companies that have geographic capacity needs (such as data sovereignty rules or the need to be closer to their end users) and do not want to invest in building out a new data centre, the solution can show great appeal. Also, for organisations with a need to handle seasonal spikes in demand or run projects that require short term bursts in data centre capacity or specific regional footprint expansion, VMC on AWS is a compelling proposition.

  • Reduces upfront investment costs and delivers compelling TCO 
  • Accelerates speed of provisioning 
  • Reduces complexity by having the same consistent architecture and operations on-premise and in the cloud 

Deliver Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery (DR), delivered as a service for VMC on AWS, delivers on-demand site protection with native automated orchestration, failover and failback capabilities. This enables organisations to implement a DR solution for the first time, reduce their secondary DR site costs by moving DR operations to the cloud, or complement their existing DR by protecting additional workloads with a cloud-based DR solution for specific applications.

  • Reduces secondary DR site costs 
  • Accelerates time-to-protection 
  • Increases business resiliency 
  • Simplifies DR operations 

Why Xtravirt?

De-risk your cloud strategy and accelerate transformation with Xtravirt

  • Validate your cloud strategy 
  • Determine your cloud readiness 
  • Assure a successful migration 
  • Solve your business challenges 

For many organisations, migrating to cloud is largely a journey into the unknown.  If you are venturing on this journey for the first time, you don’t want the unforeseen to knock you off-course or end up at the wrong destination.  It pays to have a trusted partner to help you navigate through the complexity, optimise your investment in cloud and advise you on the best path to choose. That way, cloud really is within reach. 

At Xtravirt, we understand that no two organisations are the same; different hardware, software and applications combine to create unique and complex IT environments.   We have the expertise and proven consulting methodologies to ensure each of our customers adopt the right cloud strategy and achieve their intended business outcomes. 

Xtravirt can help you design, deploy and optimise your cloud strategy – go to to find out more.

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