VMware Anywhere Workspace

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Through 2020 and 2021 businesses have had to adapt at pace which has left some gaps in performance, usability and security. However VMware are at hand to make sure businesses can close up these gaps quickly and easily.

VMware Anywhere Workspace is a combination of three powerful, pre-existing VMware tools: VMware Workspace ONE, Carbon Black and VMware SASE – together they create the most secure and unified experience to the end user, freeing up IT teams and simplifying processes.

We caught up with Xtravirt Lead Consultant and VMware vExpert EUC Curtis Brown to find out all about this latest offering and how it can help from the user and businesses perspectives.

Listen to learn about:

  • What VMware Anywhere Workspace is all about
  • How VMware Workspace ONE, Carbon Black and SASE come together in this comprehensive solution
  • How VMware Anywhere Workspace can improve the user experience
  • The benefits to organisations of this solution

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