Improving the health of a Trust’s IT systems

VMware’s User Environment Manager cured workers’ desktop woes
Improving the health of a trust’s it systems

The customer

This health trust in Northern Ireland employs 10,000 staff and serves a population of approximately 345,000 people. The Trust is an integrated organisation, incorporating six hospital bases and multiple community health and social services bases.

The situation

  • The Trust was experiencing slow running legacy IT systems which were negatively impacting workplace productivity and creating scalability issues for the growing Trust. User Environment Management was also becoming increasingly complex.
  • The combination of Active Directory Group Policy and Persona Manager was struggling with load, compromising reliability and manageability.
  • The new solution had to provide portability for user settings when migrating from the old to new environment and mitigate disruption during the process.

Our approach

  • The solution was to migrate to a more modern UEM solution.
  • Implemented VMware User Environment Manager (UEM) to replace VMware Persona Manager and migrate users from one to the other.
  • Design a side-by-side solution with UEM capturing settings until a suitable point where Persona Manager is decommissioned, providing a non-disruptive migration.
  • Provided the customer with a ‘right first time’ approach to design and delivery, with sufficient time to provide knowledge transfer on UEM as well as guidance on VMware Horizon.

Outcomes achieved

  • Greater functionality with the ability to define and administer environmental settings in addition to protecting user’s individual settings.
  • Faster, less invasive means of support due to the granular nature of UEM’s capture of settings allowing the demonstration of the recovery of a user’s settings for a specific application, not merely a reset of a whole user profile.
  • Improved logon times for the test users once Persona Manager was disabled with no loss in functionality.