Successful NSX micro-segmentation solution for web hosting specialists

Micro segmentation solution delivered by Xtravirt improves network security and storage performance
Successful NSX micro-segmentation solution for web hosting specialists xtravirt case study

The customer

With extensive experience in designing and building both simple and complex infrastructures, these web hosting professionals specialise in understanding business objectives and delivering bespoke solutions to meet their client’s specific requirements.

The situation

  • Upgrade of existing VMware management platform to improve extensibility functionality
  • Scalable solution capable of meeting demands of a growing hosting platform
  • Design and build of new platform to remove existing networking constraints and reduce provisioning times
  • Improve network, security and storage performance
  • Achieve a more agile method of delivering firewalling

Our approach

  • Design and delivery of multi-site scale out POD architecture design using VMware vSphere as a base platform
  • NSX micro-segmentation solution, leveraging policy based network firewalling
  • Dynamic routing protocols, leveraged by NSX to reduce time and ensure a reactive network to changes
  • VMware vSAN used for high performance and storage based policy management
  • Customised solution training for customer

Outcomes achieved

  • Improved security using NSX micro-segmentation solution leveraging policy based network firewalling, simplifying customer on-boarding process
  • Successful scale out approach to deploying compute network and storage, meeting customer’s growth requirements
  • Fully extensible platform integrated into existing provisioning portal, capable of workflow automation
  • Reduction in turnaround time for the provisioning of workloads, storage and networking
  • Availability and performance improved through distributed storage and network architecture