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In this podcast, we welcome Rubrik’s Chief Technologist, Chris Wahl and Xtravirt Lead Consultant, Christopher Lewis, who talk us through cloud data management and what it means. In this episode, our guests delve into the depths of data management, exploring the question: is it more than just back up and disaster recovery?

Chris and Christopher also investigate how cloud data management differs from traditional data management approaches, the benefits that organisations can reap from the adoption of data management through the cloud, as well as how Rubrik is helping businesses within this space and what they can help end users to achieve.

Topics covered include:

What is cloud data management and how does it differ from traditional approaches?

  • What are the benefits of data management through the cloud?
  • What should be considered when thinking about a cloud based data management solution?
  • What are the market factors driving the need for cloud data management?
  • Where is the future heading?

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