Dangers of Internet of Things

What’s your tech telling the world?

Join us for a very interesting discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT). Our guests for this episode are Capgemini Managing Consultant, Niall Merrigan and Cloud Insiders regular, Peter Grant who talk us through what IoT means for decisions makers and their organisations, as well as the growing importance of security ramifications in an IoT world.

Niall and Peter also discuss the type of businesses that are beginning to concentrate on and implement cybersecurity products, the pain points driving this focus and the questions to ask when considering implementing a security solution.

  • What does IoT mean for organisations?
  • What is cybersecurity and why is it important?
  • Which type of organisations are beginning to implement security solutions?
  • What are the pain points driving the need for cybersecurity?
  • Where is the future heading?

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