Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability with Aria Operations Cloud

In a cross-cloud era, ensuring consistent availability and optimised operations can be complex. Xtravirt's Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service delivers proactive and efficient monitoring across your diverse IT landscape, maintaining seamless operations in the face of complexity.

At a glance

  • Tailored configuration
  • Precision performance monitoring
  • Alert threshold management
  • Capacity, cost and sustainability management
  • Cloud transition and expansion
  • Complex monitoring requirements
  • Proactive performance management
  • Resource optimisation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Broad visibility
  • Optimal configuration
  • Proactive alert management
  • Performance monitoring
  • Daily checks
  • Efficient capacity & cost management


As multi-cloud solutions become more complex, it is imperative to have clear visibility over your entire digital estate. Regular monitoring helps ensure good system health, and consistent management avoids configuration drift, leading to improved uptime across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. These factors lead to better visibility and control, reduced costs via optimisation, demonstrative compliance and optimised operational efficiency.

The Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service synergises the robust capabilities of VMware’s Aria Operations Cloud and Xtravirt’s Managed Availability Module, delivering a comprehensive, cross-cloud availability management solution. The Xtravirt Managed Availability Module complements the functionalities of Aria Operations Cloud, ensuring an optimal configuration of your IT monitoring platforms. This includes the tuning and maintenance of alert thresholds, which help in reducing unnecessary alerts and improving operational efficiency. This module conducts daily checks for efficient system operation, verifies the appropriate generation and triage of alerts, and provides crucial insights into the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Outcomes and benefits

Through continuous tracking of system performance, fine-tuning of alert thresholds, predictive capacity management, and the incorporation of sustainability considerations, the service not only ensures system uptime but also helps improve the overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility of IT operations, such as:

Tailored Configuration: Our service ensures optimal configuration of your monitoring platforms, establishing bespoke monitoring rules and dashboards that align with your specific operational and sustainability needs.

Precision Performance Monitoring: Through continuous performance tracking against predefined Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and sustainability metrics, our service facilitates rapid identification and resolution of performance issues. This targeted monitoring enables the proactive management of your IT environment, promoting overall system health and sustainable operations.

Alert Threshold Management: With our Managed Availability Module, we fine-tune and maintain alert thresholds to minimise noise and maximise operational efficiency. This ensures that only significant issues capture your attention, allowing for an improved focus on critical tasks and sustainability goals.

Capacity, Cost, and Sustainability Management: Incorporating real-time, predictive capacity, cost, and sustainability analytics, our service provides efficient management across these critical aspects. Through this, we offer optimal consolidation and proactive planning, supplemented with automated reclamation and right-sizing processes, further improving cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

By utilising Xtravirt’s Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service, organisations can confidently navigate the complexities of hybrid, multi-cloud, and sustainability-focused environments, achieving and maintaining optimal performance, enhanced regulatory compliance, efficient resource utilisation, and sustainable IT operations.

Use cases

The Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service, powered by VMware’s Aria Operations Cloud and our proprietary Managed Availability Module, caters to diverse organisational scenarios and requirements, including sustainable operations.  

The Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service ensures availability through vigilant monitoring, proactive alert management, and diligent triage of alerts. By leveraging these key functions, the service significantly contributes to the consistent operational availability of clients’ systems and platforms across diverse IT environments. Through continuous tracking of system performance, fine-tuning of alert thresholds, predictive capacity management, and the incorporation of sustainability considerations, the service not only ensures system uptime but also helps improve the overall efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility of IT operations. 

Here are a few representative use cases: 

Cloud Transition and Expansion: Businesses navigating the path to cloud expansion or adopting a hybrid or multi-cloud model will find our service invaluable. We provide a robust solution to manage system availability, maintain smooth operations, optimise resource allocation across multiple platforms, and incorporate sustainability metrics, easing the transition and maximising the benefits of cloud computing. 

Complex Monitoring Requirements: Organisations grappling with intricate monitoring needs, including tracking sustainability performance, can utilise our service’s tailored configuration capabilities. This customisation ensures the monitoring setup aligns perfectly with your unique operational environment and strategic objectives, simplifying complex IT tasks. 

Proactive Performance Management: For businesses seeking to ensure top-tier performance, service uptime, and minimal environmental impact, our service is instrumental. We offer ongoing performance optimisation, proactive alert threshold management, regular performance reporting, and sustainability metric tracking, ensuring services run seamlessly and potential issues are identified and resolved promptly. 

Resource Optimisation: Companies striving to manage their cloud resources efficiently and sustainably can leverage our service’s predictive capacity, cost management capabilities, and sustainability analytics. This facilitates optimal consolidation, proactive planning, and resource right-sizing, leading to better resource management, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable operations. 

Operational Efficiency: Organisations aiming to reduce operational overheads, focus on strategic initiatives, and embrace sustainable IT practices can utilise our service to offload time spent monitoring IT platforms. This allows internal teams to concentrate on business-critical tasks and sustainability goals, enhancing overall productivity. 

These use cases are for illustrative purposes only. The Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service can be customised to accommodate a broad array of business needs, objectives, and sustainability efforts. 


The Xtravirt Cross-Cloud Managed Availability service integrates VMware’s Aria Operations Cloud and our proven expertise to streamline and enhance your IT operations. Our service presents a suite of features centred around system visibility, proactive alert management, and consistent performance optimisation. The key features of our service include: 

Broad Visibility: Achieve comprehensive visibility across your private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, and enjoy a holistic view of your IT landscape.

Optimal Configuration: Ensure your IT monitoring platforms are tailored to your specific environment. Includes the setting up of monitoring rules, configuration of dashboards, and integration with other systems (subject to interoperability).

Proactive Alert Management: Our service fine-tunes and maintains alert thresholds to reduce alert noise and improve operational efficiency. We focus on triaging alerts for appropriate handling, providing you with information that truly matters. 

Performance MonitoringRelax knowing your environment’s performance is being continually monitored against set targets such as SLAs and KPIs. Regular reporting is provided, and we work in collaboration with you to identify and address any performance bottlenecks promptly. 

Daily Checks: Our team conducts daily checks to validate the functionality of the monitoring platform, ensuring that all alerts are appropriately generated and triaged. 

Efficient Capacity & Cost Management: The Aria Operations Cloud feature offers real-time, predictive capacity and cost analytics. This enables optimal resource utilisation, proactive planning, and automated reclamation and right-sizing processes. 

Together, these features create a thorough, proactive approach for the monitoring and management of your diverse IT environments, ensuring they remain optimally configured, secure, and efficient. 

What is a VMware Validated Service Offering?

VMware Validated Service Offerings (VSO) are pre-validated solutions that combine VMware products and services with Xtravirt Managed Services to address a specific business need. Solutions are designed to be easy to manage and maintain saving you time and money on IT operations.

Here are some of the benefits of using a VMware Validated Service Offering:

  • Accelerated deployment: Pre-validated, so you can deploy them quickly and easily.
  • Reduced risk: Designed to be secure, reliable, and scalable.
  • Improved IT operations: Easy to manage and maintain.

Why Xtravirt?

Xtravirt is a cloud consulting and managed services business with over 15-years of realising value for VMware customers. We deliver across the customer lifecycle from strategy and design, through deployment and transformation into ongoing managed services. We can bridge customers from their current environment through to a modern cloud future.


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