I’m NSXy 2

NSX Revisited

In this episode of Cloud Insiders, we are joined by Senior Systems Engineer, Michael Armstrong and Xtravirt Senior Consultant, Steve Wood, to revisit the topic of NSX. Our guests explore the developments and improvements seen over the last few years including the key features of the latest NSX 6.4 release and VMware’s AppDefence product, including what it is and how it can work with NSX to secure a customer’s datacentre.

Michael and Steve also address what NSX Cloud is, how NSX-T differs from NSX-V, the key steps to ensuring a successful implementation, as well as where the future is heading for NSX.

Topics covered:

  • What have been the key developments and improvements of NSX over the last few years?
  • How can VMware AppDefence integrate with NSX to secure a customer’s data centre?
  • What are the key steps to ensuring a successful NSX implementation?
  • Where is the future heading?

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