Options available for enabling remote workforces

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Options available for enabling remote workforces

We are living in unpredictable times and businesses in the UK are really being stress tested.  As storms and floods have impacted businesses at a regional level, COVID-19 continues to challenge businesses large and small at a global level. If disaster recovery, business continuity and enabling remote workforces wasn’t on the IT agenda for 2020 at the beginning of the year, it almost certainly is now.

Organisations are having to rapidly evolve to changing circumstances and take decisions to protect their employees, colleagues and customers. In-person events and meetings are being cancelled, travel bans are being rolled out and some businesses are mandating ‘work from home’ policies.

Xtravirt are an award-winning cloud consulting business, and our extensive knowledge and success in delivering digital workspace professional services means VMware has designated us a Principal Partner for Digital Workspace.  We know that whilst you can’t always predict what’s ahead, we can help you to plan for the unpredictable. Right now, we are working with businesses to ensure they are as resilient and equipped to work through these challenging times as they can be. We are helping business to respond quickly, but not hastily.

Whilst time is of the essence in enabling remote workforces, businesses must be mindful of security and be careful they don’t create additional attack surfaces, network or operational vulnerabilities.

Option 1: Enable workforces using VMware’s Horizon Virtual Desktop Cloud

If you are currently looking to enable a remote workforce, then VMware’s Horizon Virtual Desktop Cloud could be one option. This lets you spin up and test environments which will allow you to create a production protected desktop, accessible from anywhere. As the solution is based on Azure; desktop resources can be spun up in an instant in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and resources can be added immediately if circumstances change.

Option 2: React quicker to unexpected business challenges with VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE is a modern digital workspace solution that lets you rapidly adapt to unexpected changes in the workplace at scale. By combining a cloud-based, zero trust platform Workspace ONE gives your IT teams the ability to remotely deliver any app to any device, enabling workforces of all kinds to work from anywhere, instantly, while safeguarding sensitive information.

Request help today!

Xtravirt can help your company get the right plan in place quickly to protect your workers and IT infrastructure as COVID-19 continues to challenge businesses. To request a call back from one of our digital workspace specialists or to find out more, simply email info@xtravirt.com

Discover more about Xtravirt’s Digital Workspace consulting capabilities at https://xtravirt.com/digital-workspace/

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